All Covered Care Products & Services

Application Support

Working with you, with you and your software vendor, or with your software vendor on your behalf, All Covered assists with the deployment of vendor supplied updates and patches to existing releases of software. 


Audit Support

All Covered can provide you with information prepared specifically to organize data in support of a Financial Industry Audit. We provide you with updated reports, policies, contracts, descriptions, and summary documents in a format that professionally outlines the activity during a designated time period.


Business Continuity Planning

Let the All Covered Professional Services Team assist in the development of your Business Continuity Plan. With years of experience in the industry, our team can assist with the creation of a complete and functional Business Continuity Plan designed to meet your requirements. We also offer affordable software solutions designed to maintain and track changes to your Business Continuity Program.


Client Web Portal

A secure web portal is available to our customers as a method for improved communication. Our web portal allows customers the ability to view & create service tickets, view reports and manage a variety of other services.


Data Classification

Data Classification projects designed to meet regulatory requirements will be structured and managed by All Covered professionals. This service includes the restructuring of internal folders and security recommendations to accommodate this mandate. Training will be provided to all department managers for the purposes of understanding and managing the flow of confidential information using the new system structures.


Desktop Lock Down

Using Remote Environment Manager (REM), a desktop management tool for Windows PCs, All Covered provides a desktop lockdown service which is designed to cut down on the number of problems users inadvertently introduce to your environment. With this service, desktop configurations are consistent and easily deployed.


Disaster Recovery Testing

All Covered provides services designed to enhance your Disaster Recovery position and testing. Using State-of-the-Art technology, the All Covered solution includes provisioning hardware for annual testing and recovery of your key servers and devices.


Endpoint Protection

Our Endpoint Protection solution allows us to centrally manage your Endpoint Security performance and licensing, and ensure you are consistently protected. Our UnitedCare Endpoint Protection replaces your current Anti-Virus (AV) software with a superior suite of centrally managed system protection tools which includes AV. This service includes the following protection elements:

  • ·         Real-time monitoring
  • ·         Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • ·         Firewall
  • ·         Intrusion prevention
  • ·         Proactive detection
  • ·         Rule-based system behavior blocking
  • ·         On-demand behavioral analysis
  • ·         Endpoint anti-spam
  • ·         Malware audit & disinfection service
  • ·         Application control
  • ·         2007 WildList proactive detection
  • ·         Behavioral analysis detection
  • ·         Rootkit detection


Hardware/Software Sales & Maintenance

All Covered has built relationships with leading IT vendors including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and Buffalo, enabling us to offer the most current and reliable technology solutions. Whether it be hardware or software products, we are ready to provide the best solution to fit your unique needs. All Covered also holds certifications from many of these vendors allowing us to service and maintain the solutions we supply. This status enables us to offer extended warranty and hardware maintenance contracts to our customers, providing the additional security of knowing that your investment is further protected.


Hosted On-line Ticketing System

Automate time-consuming routine tasks and have important information readily accessible with the Hosted On-line Ticketing System. Using the functionality of our in-house service and ticketing system, All Covered provides you with full visibility into critical Project Management functions and Service Boards in order to help you gain tighter control of network issues and improve response times.


Information Security Program

Our Enhanced Information Security Program has been designed to provide a policy position that addresses the FFIEC regulatory guidelines. The policies and procedures contained within the program are intended to provide you with a firm position on Information Security.


Information Security Training

The FFIEC requires that all employees be trained on Information Security on an annual basis. Our training includes an overview and testing on the Gramm Leach-Bliley Act and how it relates to financial institutions. Training is specifically targeted at employee groups within the institution and how they are required to implement and follow policies contained in the Information Security Program.


I.T. Risk Assessment

In order to help you in preparation for this annual requirement, All Covered offers an Information Technology Risk Assessment. The I.T. Risk Assessment includes a formal summary document addressing specific identified risk areas. Also included are details on risk exposure and recommendations on risk mitigation.


Laptop Encryption

This service offers scalable, enterprise-wide security, for laptops and removable storage devices, that prevents unauthorized access by using strong access control and powerful encryption. This solution provides a central management console, enabling safe, central deployment and management of encryption to endpoints.


License Management

Using a state-of-the-art tracking system, All Covered will track all licenses with a required renewal, provide you with projected annual renewal pricing for budgetary purposes and offer installation solutions. License Management through our client portal allows our customers to see what will be expiring by listing all products and/or devices.


Network Cabling & Layout

In order to enhance our Systems Integration and Hardware Sales components, All Covered offers a comprehensive suite of network cabling services including copper, category 5e, category 6 and multimode and single-mode fiber solutions. Our cabling experts can offer network layout and design services to provide a solid cabling infrastructure for your organization. We provide cabling products that utilize only the highest performing standards based solutions available to ensure optimum network performance, including ANSI, TIA/EIA and ISO standards for maximum product reliability.


Network Design & Implementation

All Covered understands the importance of your business network. We can help you to optimize performance and simplify management. By first determining both the long term and short term needs of your business processes, as well as functionality key to your operation, we will help you to design and integrate a fully compatible solution. Use of this solution will achieve long lasting value and productivity for all users and processes. Recommendations for almost any technology opportunity will be made to provide a total approach in assisting you with your business needs.


Onsite Support

Our Onsite Support Contract provides for monthly scheduled visits. These guaranteed monthly onsite visits from a qualified technician can be used to enhance your All Covered managed services program or to perform services as outlined by the client.


Patch Management

Our patch management program provides you with the comfort of knowing that critical patches are tested and applied in a timely fashion. All Covered will deploy security patches no less than once a quarter with the target installation to be no less than once a month to maintain current patch status on the internal network. Reporting is provided on exactly what was deployed, which PCs were affected and which PCs need further attention. All Covered installs and manages patches related to the following Microsoft products: operating systems, all versions of Office, Exchange, .NET and Internet Explorer.


Project Management

All Covered can provide full service Project Management for integration projects involving everything from single rollouts to multiple location installations and/or upgrades. A Project Plan is developed to coordinate all tasks and project logistics including the management of multiple vendors. A complete set of project documentation is made available for all status meetings and at the conclusion of the project to ensure a smooth transition.


Quarterly Audit Reporting

Quarterly Audit Reporting is designed specifically for those financial institutions that require SOX or detailed compliance reporting as requested by regulators. The service is combined with quarterly meetings to review the reporting and make strategic decisions to strengthen audit controls throughout the year. Quarterly Microsoft Baseline Analyzer reports, and hardware inventory and software inventory reports are all included as part of this service.


Remote Data Backup

Remote Backup & Recovery (RBR) provides a reliable, on-demand storage engine used to securely back up and recover business essential files. At predetermined times selected by you, RBR will automatically scan each system for new or modified data, select and categorize specific files, compress, encrypt, and send them off site to data storage facilities. RBR backs up all specified data without interruption while the systems are running.


Remote Monitoring

Monitoring services are performed 24 hours a day 7 days a week on all file servers. Monitoring of key server services include virus scanning, file backup, SQL services, and exchange services. We will also monitor and address network alerts and provide reporting on overall up time of devices, CPU utilization averages, disk percentage of storage utilization, percentage of memory, failed log-on attempts and other security events.


Remote Support

Equipped with a state-of-the-art support center, we can provide resources for your users when they encounter an IT-related issue or question. Our technical staff is available to log issues and support your personnel. Remote access and support is provided via high-speed internet connection and our hours are flexible for any type of business. We offer standard support hours, extended coverage support hours and 24/7 engineering coverage.


Security & Network Reporting

Security Reporting
In response to current FFIEC guidelines, we provide monthly audit reports detailing security events that have occurred within your internal network.

Network Performance Reporting
Invaluable for all industry types, Network Performance Reporting provides detailed information monthly on performance and uptime of your network’s critical devices.


Systems Integration

Our System Integration processes include diagnostic and troubleshooting skills designed to make disparate systems work together. We add to this the ability to offer diverse hardware and software solutions, combined with local and wide area network options to meet unique customer requirements. All Covered’s value added integration services will seamlessly bring together the technology needed to solve your business problems.


System Support

All Covered provides multiple types of services which may be used and applied toward a fixed block of purchased hours. This gives your company the flexibility to choose various services depending upon your individual needs. Types of service include: onsite support, hardware installation, disaster recovery, virus search and destroy, new installation planning and design, application software assistance.


Training Solutions

All Covered’s training solutions are designed to support customers in realizing their maximum return on investment in software applications by providing a professional and customized hands on training platform. Through years of experience, we have developed a highly skilled training approach that can help you achieve business goals by improving employee productivity and performance. Our understanding of the training challenges presented by individuals with varied skill sets and job responsibilities allows us to better align the training process to your specific organization and needs.